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Hello Section members and friends! We’re very excited about this year’s program, and we welcome everyone to be an active participant in our community. Our meetings always have an interesting mix of folks from diverse backgrounds and talents and are great places to network and meet other people in the NDT community. We have a great selection of speakers from all over the country coming to our meetings this year. Please look at the Calendar page and sign up for the events!


I am proud and excited to be serving as the new Section Chair. I thank the board for electing me to this position and would like to ask everyone to join hands to congratulate Joe Kraft for serving as the Section Chair for the last two years. As the chair, my goal will be to increase collaboration with the research community, and work towards outreach services to benefit the larger community.


The past year has been one of the toughest years for all of us and I would like to congratulate everyone for being strong throughout and hoping that new times bring us happiness and positivity. Thank you to the entire Section for the hard work and tremendous support. Due to current COVID restrictions, we have started this season with virtual meetings (Zoom). We intend to transition towards a hybrid format with options for in-person and virtual meetings in the near future. Please stay tuned for more updates.


Please join the section at our monthly meetings to know more about NDT technologies. You can send me a message if you have any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns. You can also find the list of our elected officers in the ‘Officers & Directors’ page and feel free to contact them as well. I look forward to working with all of you this year!

Saptarshi Mukherjee
ASNT Golden Gate Section Chair

The success of the Golden Gate Section can be attributed to the numerous volunteers that have helped make us a viable and healthy nonprofit organization over the many years of existence.  A big thank you to all our volunteers and members! Click here to download list of Past Presidents and Fellow Awards. 




Obtained directly from the website the following is a friendly reminder of the Code of Ethics for Members of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing.  In spirit and in word, this Code of Ethics* shall guide the actions of the members of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing. It is the duty of all members to conduct themselves in accordance with the following:

  • To uphold at all times the reputation of the Society and the dignity of membership therein.

  • To pursue their professional discipline and activities in a spirit of fairness to all concerned — employer, employees, customers and competitors — consistent with the high ideals of personal honor and integrity.To refrain from associating themselves with any enterprise that would use their names or that of the Society in any manner countenancing misrepresentation.

  • To avoid damage directly or indirectly to the professional reputation, prospects or business of another member of the Society.

  • To advertise only in a professional manner, to avoid using improper or questionable methods of soliciting professional work and to decline any connection with improper patronage.To inform clients or employers of any business affiliations, interests or connections which might influence their fair judgment.

  • To treat as confidential their knowledge of any business affairs or technical information of employers, clients or customers and to make no disclosure of such information without their express consent.

  • To accept financial or other compensation for a particular service from one source only, except with the full knowledge and consent of all interested parties.

  • To perform their work in the highest professional manner, protecting the life, safety and health of their associates and of the general public.

  • To contribute to the advancement of nondestructive testing by the interchange of information and experience with others, taking full advantage of the mediums provided by the Society — symposia, conventions and the press.

  • To encourage and provide opportunity for professional development and advancement of their employees or those under their supervision.

  • To consider their membership in the Society as affording a distinct opportunity to apply their special talents for the service of mankind.

  • To refrain from any statements or acts which constitute hostile behavior and any forms of intimidation or harassment of any kind by and between members of ASNT whether sexual, racial, ethnic or religious in origin


*Note: Policy O-3B; this Code was adopted in March 1964 and updated in January 1991 and March 1995

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